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 La Maison de L'outil et de la pensée ouvrière, in France

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 Maison de l'outil, Troyes, Hôtel de Mauroy (XVIs), 7 rue de la Trinité, tel.: (France 33) 03-25-73-28-26. The hand made tools collected by Paul Feller between 1958 and 1978 are now housed in the Museum and with new acquisitions are now over 8000. Les Compagnons du Devoir are concerned about the collection since 1969.


La Maison de l'Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière

has initiated an extraordinary program

for the year 2007


 The Museum of Bourgneuf en Retz, in France

 Entrance Museum of Bourgneuf En Retz , France. The ancient tools belonging to the country people will remind you of this good old time. You will also see how the bricks were done in the open air. You will visit an old country house. And there are the ancient trades: the maker of sabots, the baker, the blacksmith, the carpenter, the shoemaker, the cooper and others.

There is now a search engine on this site. Please have a look at the heading "RECHERCHER". 

The Joiner-Cartwright

See also the different links proposed by the Museum.


 La Colombe de Lissac, Lissac-sur-Couze, France

Exceptionally I would like to mention here another link that is mostly interesting. It is designed by "La Colombe de Lissac". The originality of this pseudonymous, (the "colombe" is one of the very nice tools of the cooper and it is also a peace symbol), the quality of the tools that are shown and of those that are offered to the public, well justifyour choice. One will also find at this address a source of knowledge regarding tools to be used in the restoration of ancient houses or buildings. In summary, nice tools, rare, and the tools are changing quite regularly. This gentleman is responsible for the most interesting forum of dicussions in Europe.




Musée québécois de culture populaire, Trois-Rivières, Qc., Canada.


 Musée québecois de culture populaire, Trois-Rivières. In the Robert-Lionel-Séguin open ‎reserve, the Museum presents a large number of the superb collection of antique objects ‎from Québec. Many tools from the collections of Jacques Héroux and Robert ‎Westley and also from Robert-Lionel Séguin are exhibited. The old Trois-Rivières ‎prison, next to the Museum, introduces a completely new experience: living "en Prison!" ‎where the guides themselves are ex-cons who described the site with all their experience as ‎prisoners in the years 1960-70.


Electronic Neanderthal. U.S.A.

  Electronic Neanderthal, presents a fine summary of activities in relation to woodworking with antique tools.


Woodworking Museum. Kingston, Ont., Canada

 MacLachlan Woodworking Museum . Located in Kingston, Ont., Canada, The MacLachlan Woodworking Museum examines the importance of wood through its very large collection of woodworking tools and wooden objects. The Museum offers facilities for researchers.

This is the first building housing the museum. A new and large building was erected a few years ago but the log house is still used..


Jean Héroux, Technician & Trainer.

Hands of masters...

...Tomorrow of the masters

Jean Héroux : "I am only the means of transmitting to you what my Masters taught me and that subsequently I have applied myself. Now it is up to you to discover the Master that lies within yourself, expecting only to be awakened. So you too shall then become a transmitter towards those waiting for your knowledge."

Jean Heroux is an expert in finishing wood surfaces or any other materials and he transmits marvelously his science.


Jean-Luc Pfléger

Extraordinary collector of old (ancient) tools. Genial master wood turner. I have been collecting tools for many years and I am still amazed in seeing such a nice collection


 Museum of Woodworking Tools, U.S.A.

 The purpose of this site is to provide what any good museum should provide: A knowledge-base of museum quality tools and a description of tools and techniques that once existed but are now gone. A museum should not be a fossilized, nostalgic look back to the past, so we hope to show how older tools can help you to be a better woodworker.


 Tools are a window into the social history of our civilization. They are a reminder to us of the people who built the world that we now live in.


The French Electronic Almanach "I say all"

The Electronic List "I Say all" gives activities referring as much to old tools (heading: History of the trades)as well as all other activities in relation to history of sciences, geography, and all subjects which one could treat within the limits of an electronic general directory. Very impassioned "trifle", can only be curious about the trades of the past and the "beautiful work", as well as old tools.



Whether you are a handyman, an antique dealer, a cabinet maker, a specialist in the reproduction of furniture or a person who wants to apply paint on a newly made piece of furniture, you shall find on this site an answer to most of your questions regarding finishing of wood.



Thanks to the Municipality of Bievres, of the Conseil General and to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of l'Essonne as well as the enormous quantity of work done by the generous members of the Association, the Museum is at last open to public.

Note by Jacques Heroux: Every year on May the first there is a huge tool show at Bièvres. In 2009 my two sons, Jean and Martin  Attended the show. They were particularly happy with the reception they had and by the help od Mr. Jacques Blanché. 


A lover of old tools brings you a few reflexions on his hobby

Forgotten tools...

For this lover of antique tools, the last ten years were an opportunity for him to learn much more about tools and also to understand the living conditions of the artisans using these tools.


Partageons la passion du bois et du bricolage ! Site Les Copeaux

Les Copeaux


Jean-Paul Cousinou

A real pro of furniture modélism explains his work. Jean-Paul Cousinou is very eloquent when talking about his models. He also shows us the ABC of ship modeling and also winks at his ancient woodworking tools.





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